So after spending the week at CES in HD and running Vista I now know I have to build a new Media Center Server.  I want to take advantage of the new Vista Media Center applications like TVTonic and the great MCML applications, the new features like Dream Scene and the backup functions of Vista.

My XP machine is getting long in the tooth and the DVB-T TV cards do not have Vista drivers.  I just can’t bring my self to stay on XP, so I want to build a Windows Vista Ultimate box. I need it to be quiet as its in the living room and size is not an issue, so I am looking for a tower type Media Server type case.

There needs to be plenty of storage for recorded TV and lots of RAM for Vista to work well. I want a reasonable graphics card but I am not a heavy gamer so I want one that is quiet rather than raw power.

So do I go for individual components or buy a pre-built box? The advantage with building my own is that I can spread the cost over time.

XP will not do anymore, spend some time with Vista Media Center and you will know what I mean

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