The Media Center Show #91(MP3 – 10.2mb- 20mins 52secs)
by Ian Dixon


As you may have seen Microsoft are launching a new product called Windows Home Server and while at CES I got chance to interview Todd Headrick Product Planner from the Windows Home Server team. We chat about what Windows Home Server and what it can do for you, its especially interesting for anybody with more than one PC at home. I also interviewed Michael Sprague from TVTonic talking about the new Vista version of TVTonic.
Oh an I need your help with the a community list of hardware that works well with Media Center, starting with TV cards

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00:40 Coming up this week
01:40 See CES in the Media Center Show Extra , HP Touchsmart, HD-DVD, Sideshow
02:50 Community list of TV card hardware, I need your help
04:58 Big Screen Headlines update
05:20 New build of mceBackup 2.0
05:56 A message from Onevoice
06:46 Todd Headrick on Windows Home Server
07:51 What is Windows Home Server
10:00 Hardware designs
10:56 Free domain names
12:42 What you need at home
14:28 Backup and Restores
16:05 Pooled storage and folder duplication
17:45 Windows Media Connect
20:00 What is it based on?
22:10 Developer story
23:00 Time Frame
23:20 Michael Sprague from TVTonic
24:00 Streaming v downloading
24:51 Expected Content
25:10 Adding new feeds and the guide
25:38 Availability
25:57 Visit the community site

Music by Ian Dixon

Media Center Communicator

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