The Media Center Show #92 – CES Part 3

January 25th, 2007

The Media Center Show #92 (MP3 – 11.5mb- 33mins 27secs)
by Ian Dixon


This is my final set of interviews from CES. This week on the show I interview Steven Cheung from Vidabox talking HD-DVD. Christoph Buenger author of mceWeather explains what he was doing at CES, Ted Singh from Embedded Automation talks home automation and about the winner of their Digital Home contest and finally Jonathan Sass from Simplifi Digital talks about their digital audio solutions.

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Show Times:
00:36 Coming up this week
01:21 Email – How to fix up your tags – Album Art fixer
02:44 Email – GPRocks.Net
04:02 List of TV Cards that work well or not so well with XP and Vista
05:20 The Media Center Show Extra CES Part 1, 2, and 3 , leave suggestion here
05:45 Vidabox Cablecard
06:07 A Message from Onevoice
07:02 A Chat with Steven Cheung from Vidabox
10:00 HD-DVD and upscaling
10:50 Christoph Buenger author of mceWeather
14:29 Ted Singh from Embedded Automation
15:00 mCentral
18:00 Vista version of mControl
21:40 Jonathan Sass from Simplifi Digital
22:20 AV Expander card
24:00 Media Center amplifier
25:57 Ted Singh returns to talk about the Digital Home contest
29:11 Visit the community site
29:28 Music by Ian Dixon

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