The Media Center Show #89(MP3 – 14.3mb- 41mins 39secs)
by Ian Dixon


Well I made it back from CES, and what a week it has been. From seeing all the great Media Center content, to meeting Bill Gates and seeing 107″ 1080p displays
I got plenty of interviews both video and audio. This week on the show are my first thoughts from CES, an interview about the new Sports Lounge in the Vista edition of Media Center and a chat with Tim Cutting from Niveus about their display at CES including their CableCard products.

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Show Times:
00:40 Coming up this week
01:36 Pictures from CES
02:00 What I saw and did at CES (see the updates on my blog)
03:00 Cablecard
04:00 Sideshow
05:00 Phototouch
06:43 Windows Home Server
07:48 Lots of video content, so Media Center Extra Shows cominng out soon
09:00 I met Bill Gates
11:10 Bill Gates CES keynote
12:45 Interview – Sports Lounge
15:10 Interview – Fox Sport Portal
21:28 Interview – Vongo
23:05 A Message from Onevoice
24:13 Interview – Tim Cutting from Niveus on Cablecard
29:53 Pro Exenters
32:47 Next week more interviews including Windows Home Server
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34:02 Mike’s Digital Home Blog
34:36 Update on the Media Center Show Awards
35:03 Music by Ian Dixon

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