One of the ways I record Skype chats for podcast on XP is to set Skype to use my headset mic as the input and the PC’s sound card for the output so that with Adobe Audition I can record my voice and the guest voices and separate channels. It makes it much easier for editing and cleaning up of the audio files.

Since moving one of my machines over to Vista I noticed I couldn’t find a way of recording the output of the PC sound card. In XP I would enable recording of the Wave Out Mix sometimes called "Stereo Mix". This was also useful to record sounds for the machine when I am doing screen captures.

In Vista I could not find the option to turn on this Mix so I thought it may have been removed in the new Sound stack, but after some searching I found that it hadn’t been removed just hidden.

To enable the Wave Out mix:

  1. Go to the Sound item in control panel
  2. click on the Recording tab
  3. Right click on the background of the tab and select "Show Disabled Devices"
  4. find the Wave Out mix item and right click on it and select Enable
  5. It will now show up as a device channel in application like Cubase and Audition 

So now you can capture audio from any program in Windows

One thought on “Recording The Wave Out Mix in Vista”
  1. Hello

    I tried this trick But its not working for me
    After pressing on “SHOW DISABLED DEVICES”
    I just cant see wave out mix or stereo mix
    Even i updated my windows vista.

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