As you may have seen on my post "What TV Card should I get" I have been searching for a new TV card as my current config is not support on Vista, and the number of email I get asking "What card should I get" has prompted me in to creating a directory of hardware for Media Center.

First setup I have done is a section for TV cards. I want people to post there experiences good or bad in the TV Card Forums.

I would like you to post what model of TV card you have and whether it works well for you or not. Also what the install experience was like and if you know of any Vista compatibility issues.

That way when someone is searching for a new TV card they can go through the forum and look at real world experiences of the cards, which is going to be so helpful given a lot of people will be in my situation and looking for a Vista supported card.

I have posted my thoughts on the Blackgold DVB-T card I use please post your experience, and tell others. Let build up a useful resource!

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