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Video: The Centre for Computing History at the TDL User Group

One of the highlights of last Saturday’s user group was the fantastic array of vintage computers and games consoles that  The Centre for Computing History brought up with them. There…


Video: Using a Raspberry Pi as a Media Center Extender

Yesterday I got XBMC working on the Raspberry Pi using DVBLink so I thought I would recorded a video showing it in action. As you can see from the video…


Video: Unboxing and first look at a HP Evny 4 Ultrabook

Ultrabooks seem to be everywhere at the moment and one of the cheapest is HP’s Envy 4. The model I am unboxing is the Envy 4 1010ea which comes in…


Video: Windows Media Center Recored TV files playing on a Raspberry Pi

Last week the Raspberry Pi foundation made available mpeg-2 and VC-1 decoding options for the Raspberry Pi, the mpeg-2 decoder priced at £2.40 with the VC-1 licences costs an additional £1.20….


Video: First impressions of Sonos PLAY:3

In this video I unbox and take a look at the Sonos PLAY:3 music system and the iOS and Android apps you can use to control it. The PLAY:3 costs…


Video: Ford professional driver takes me on a lap in the Mustang

While at Ford last week I got to drive the Ford Mustang round the test track (see this video) and I thought I was going pretty fast until I was…


Video: A look at the next generation of Ford Sync

One of things I was interested at seeing while at Ford was Ford Sync and AppLink.  In this video I had a demo of future technology coming to Ford Sync…


Video: In the wind tunnel with Ford

While at the Further With Ford event last week we had a tour of the wind tunnel where they do aerodynamic testing. As a big motor sport fan I know…


Video: Ford Virtual Reality setup for testing car interiors and in car audio

This week I have been at Ford’s Global Trend Conference and while on a tour of their labs I recored a video of the setup used for testing car interiors….


Review: Epson EH-TW9000W 3D projector with Wireless HDMI

The Epson EH-TW9000W is certainly, to look at, a beast of a projector, although surprisingly light for its size. Designed to allow real flexibility in mounting with modes for Front/Rear…