Samsung BD-E8600 Blu-ray Player review

For a long time I have been using a PC as a Blu-ray player with Cyberlink’s PowerDVD software but since I got a 3D TV (see my review) I have been trying unsuccessfully to get 3D Blu-ray’s playing on my TV. It looks like it is a problem with my…

Video: ViewSonic Android Jelly Bean powered Smart Dispay

In a previous CES video I looked at a one of ViewSonic’s current Smart Displays and in this video we take a look a Smart Display device just announced at CES. This 24″ display runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and has a Tegra chipset and you can use it as…

Video: ViewSonic 22″ Android ICS Smart Display at CES 2013

Every device seems to be smart these days, there are smartphones, Smart TVs and now we have Smart Displays. At CES I took a look at ViewSonic’s Android powered Smart Displays. In this video I take a look at the 22″ ICS Android display that can be used as a…


Video: Logitech Bluetooth peripherals at CES 2013

At a Bluetooth events during CES 2013 Logitech demonstrated a range of their devices that used Bluetooth including: A very nice sounding portable battery powered Bluetooth speaker which came in different colours. The Logitech Bluetooth Boom box another battery powered speaker but with a big sound and 6 hour battery….


Video: Bluetooth technologies at CES 2013

At CES 2013 I visited Bluetooth’s presentation on various applications of the technology. In this video I checkout some of the different applications of Bluetooth. The first part of the video looks at Lumo Back an iOS app that uses a Bluetooth 4 powered device that you put around your…


Video: Sony SideView at CES 2013

At CES this week Sony announced SideView which is a 2nd screen application for a Sony Vaio and Sony Experia phone and tablets. With the app you can browse an EPG, get extra info about shows like cast data and control the TV via the device’s IR control. There is…


Video: GoPod 5 in 1 USB expander for the Microsoft Surface

I was tipped off to this find by Curt Wilber  who told me to checkout GoPod’s 5 in 1 USB expander for the Surface here at CES. One of problems with the Surface RT is that it only has one USB port so sometimes I end up using a USB hub…


Video: hipKey for tracking your iPhone and valuables at CES 2013

hipKey is a devices that keeps a track of your valuables. Combined with an iOS app it will let you know if you leave your phone behind or someone is tampering with your bag. In this video the developers of hipKey explain what it is and how it works.


Video: HP ElitePad and EliteBook at CES 2013

This week at CES was my first chance to take a look at HP’s new ElitePad 900 tablet and EliteBook Folio. The tablet runs Windows 8 Pro and has a jacket system for adding extra battery and a keyboard. It weighs about the same as my Surface but runs Windows 8…


Video: Metawatch Smartwatch at CES 2013

I love the idea of a smart watch and this one I saw last night called MetaWatch. It uses Bluetooth to communicate to an Android or iOS phone and can it notify you of email, weather and other notifications as well as text messages and caller ID. You set the…