The Digital Lifestyle Show #365–MediaPortal

Welcome to a special show, Daniel Vieria (@dangelus) joins me to talk about MediaPortal as an alternative to Windows Media Center. Daniel talks about his experiences with the open source application, the pros and cons and how you can use it to record 5 simultaneous HD channels are once.  We…


The Digital Lifestyle Show #364–Blowing The Lights

It’s show 364, Garry and I are joined by Jason Coombes to talk over the weeks news. We talk about whether people are still building their own PCs, Windows 8 release date, Office 2013, consumption v creation devices, Google Nexus 7 review, Sky+ updates, My Movies updates and DVBLink. You…


The Digital Lifestyle Show #363–Conga Line

Welcome to show 363. Garry, Andrew and I get to together to talk over the weeks news including Ceton Media Center extenders, Office 2013, Netflix v LoveFilm v NOW TV,Windows Home Server backup alternatives, Raspberry Pi news, XBMC and lots more. You can join us Tuesday 8pm UK time in…


The Digital Lifestyle Show #362–RIP Home Server

Welcome to show number 362. Garry and I are joined by the chat room to discuss the end of the road for Windows Home Server and talk about what the alternatives could be, we talk about the open sourcing of Remote Potato, Windows 8 RTM dates, Home Server tips, Raspberry…


Podcast: TDL Mobile Show 109 – Ed Bott’s Crystal Ball

Unfortunately Jon was unable to join me this week but on the positive side I was joined by a very special guess Ed Bott (Blog|Twitter) who attended the recent Microsoft Surface announcement. We last had Ed on the show back in April 2011 (Podcast: TDL Mobile Show 74) so we start…


The Digital Lifestyle Show #361–In a Jam

Welcome to this weeks podcast where Garry and I talk over the weeks news. Garry is back from TechEd and I am back from Detroit, we talk Windows 8 upgrade cost at $40 and Media Center coming free, Google annoucing the Q Media Streamer, Nexus 7 tablet and the Glasses….


The Digital Lifestyle Show #360 – Down In Detroit

This week Andrew and I are over in Detroit with Ford so we recorded the show from the hospitality area today. We talk about Microsoft’s Surface announcements, Windows Phone 8 and 7.8 updates, Plex, new Macs, BBC iPlayer, Media Center not longer included in MS Certification kits, Google TV coming…


Podcast: TDL Mobile Show 108 – Looking Beneath the Surface

This week Jon and Jason are joined by Ian Dixon to talk over the hot topic of the week with Microsoft revealing the new Surface tablets during an announcement that had been kept completely free of any information leaking ahead of the event. We talk about the buzz this event…


The Digital Lifestyle Show #359–On The Surface

I have been on my travels this week so Garry hosts the show and is joined by Jason Coombs to talk about the weeks news including the big Microsoft announcement of the Windows 8 Surface tablets. Microsoft did a great job keeping the details quiet and Jason and Garry talk…


Podcast: TDL Mobile Show 107 – Bitter-sweet

It’s bitter-sweet this week because while it’s great to be back after almost 2 months since we recorded Show 106 we say goodbye to one of our co-hosts Jose (@JoseROrtiz). As I’m sure long time listeners will know Jose has been here since the very beginning and will be missed. I’m sure…