TDL Mobile No.33

The iPad launch took over everyone’s Twitter feed last week so of course we have to start the show with the obvious. Jose shares some of his initial impressions on the device as well as a couple of apps. We also talk about another upcoming slate, congratulate HTC on some…

Unboxing: Apple iPad

The day finally arrived. The Apple iPad is now in the hands of thousands (probably millions) of geeks, enthusiasts, early adopters, not so early adopters, fanboys, and non-fanboys everywhere. There are plenty of unboxings all over, but we still wanted to bring you an unboxing of our own. There’s not…


TDL Mobile Show No.24 – Apple iPad Special

Fresh after the Apple event, Jon, Sheldon, and I got together to discuss the newly announced and now official iPad. Everyone knows the specs by now so we focus on where this device would fit in and how it can best be used. At the end of the show we…

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