Video: Cyberlink MediaExpresso 4.2 Video Converter

Last night at Digital Experesiense Cyberlink showed me their media conversion software called MediaExpresso. The application can take advantage of Intel’s Sandybridge technology and convert media in to a variety of formats. So you could use it to convert a Windows Media Center Recorded TV show into mp4 to watch…

CES Quick Video: Windows Phone 7

Today was my first chance to play with Windows Phone 7 so I took a short video looking at the UI basics.  

Reycom REC Embedded Media Center spotted at CES

There might not have been any windows embedded devices mentioned in the keynote but Microsoft do have Reycom’s REC displayed on their stand. Hopefully more on this later in the week.

Thoughts on Steve Ballmer’s Keynote

As I have done in the last few years I thought I would post my thoughts on Steve Ballmer’s keynote tonight at CES. My initial impressions where a bit flat. Probably the biggest news was already talked about at a Microsoft press conference his afternoon where Steven Sinofsky talked about…


It is all about chips – NVidia launching ARM processor

Project Denver is Nvidia’s new high performance ARM based core. Their first CPU. Taking the arm platform beyond it’s mobile heartland into desktop and supercomputing this could be a real game changer. Just announced at CES.


Steve Ballmer’s Keynote Live

Join us for Steve Ballmer’s keynote. Live at 6:30pm PST <a href=”” _mce_href=”” >CES 2011 Keynote</a>

Boxee partners with Iomega, NAS device running Boxee are coming

Iomega are bringing out a NAS which will feature the Boxee software. So you can hook up the NAS box to the TV and use the Boxee software.   We are happy to announce that Iomega will be bringing out a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device running the Boxee software. Boxee…

Next Version of Windows to Run on System-on-a-Chip Architectures including ARM

Microsoft today at CES announced that the next version of Windows will support system on a chip architectures from Intel, AMD and ARM. At the Nvidia press conference this morning they hinted that future versions of Windows could support ARM and Microsoft just confirmed that. I don’t think that we…


Nvidia Press Conference at CES&No.160;

My first press conference of CES is the Nvidia one and I was looking forward to seeing what they they were going to show The Nvidia CEO talked about the new era of mobile computing and how important mobile devices are. Next they announced the Tegra 2 chip which is…


AirPlay Comes to the Original AppleTV with aTV Flash

Firecore have released Remote HD for the original Apple TV so you can use Airplay on the box:   We’re pleased to announce, thanks to Remote HD, the 1st gen AppleTV is now able to act as an AirPlay compatible device! With Remote HD installed all the amazing features of AirPlay…