MSN Video Player Crashing in Windows Media Center

Dale alerted me to a thread on the Windows Export Community that I thought was worth mentioning on TDL. The MSN Video player in Windows Media Center is constantly crashing for UK users, it seems related to the Sky Player for Windows Media Center being discontinued. It looks like its…

Sidewinder 2

Xtreamer Sidewinder 2 Announced

As you can see Xtreamer been busy today releasing more Media Players for us to look at. This one has built-in wi-fi, card reader and better specs that the original Xtreamer Sidewinder. For more information please look at the Xtreamer Site.


Xtreamer Ultra SSD Module

First information about the Xtreamer Ultra SSD Module, as you can see the price will be 40 Euros with Free Shipping so you can have the Xtreamer Ultra OS on a SSD.


New Xtreamer Prodigy Info Released

Only a few moments ago Xtreamer Released all new Specs for the New Xtreamer Prodigy Out About the 15th September Here are the Specs…… Here is the Link for more information

Windows Experts Community or the new Green Button forum website???

I’ve been sitting on the fence with regards to what Microsoft have done to our beloved The Green Button forums. Initially before the upgrade happened I was up-beat and optimistic about the planned change, however now its happened and we now have the resulting Windows Experts Community site, my enthusiasm…

Media Center Themer 1.20 Released

There is new version of the Media Center theming tool Media Center Themer. Version 1.20 aims to be the only tool your need as you can change pictures, thumbnails and advanced text editing. It’s a free download that can be downloaded from HERE What’s new in Media Center Themer 1.20?…


Stuart’s A/V install project–Part 5

Hello and welcome to part 5 of my A/V install project, I’ve got some new photos to show today, of the finished master bedroom and the installation in the children’s bedroom. Also the install speakers in the kitchen and the Windows Home Server plus network kit in the cupboard. Master…

SageTV Acquired by Google, Good or Bad News?

  SageTV has been around for years and ha been a great way of watching TV on the PC, it’s been the main competitor for the TV side of Windows Media Center for some time. Today SageTV have announced that they have been purchased by Google. I think this is…

My Movies for Windows Media Center 4.01 PR6

On Tuesday I wrote about the latest My Movies build 4.01 PR5 and yesterday 4.01 PR6 was released to fix a SQL issue, other than the SQL fixes there are no changes to the PR5 build. You can get the build from the normal download link. Don’t forget we have…

Top 5 Tools for Watching Windows Media Center Content on an iPhone or iPad

You would think recording a TV show on your Media Center system and the watching the show on your iPhone would be simple but it’s not, Windows Media Center produces WTV files and iOS devices work best with mp4 files so some kind of conversion is needed. There are two…

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