Microsoft Health app for Windows Phone and Android updated

Microsoft have pushed out updates to the Microsoft Health app for Android and Windows Phone. The Windows Phone version of the app for the Microsoft Band becomes 2015.720.1041.4337 and Microsoft says contains bug fixes, the Android version becomes 1.3.10720.1 and as with the Windows Phone version just contains bug fixes….


The Digital Lifestyle Show #509 – We all have trouble waking from sleep

Subscribe via iTunes Subscribe via RSS ,  XML RSS Link Sticher Radio Subscribe with Zune (if you are still using it!) If you want more information about how to subscribe to podcasts read our Podcast How To page.Follow us on twitter @isdixon @databasejase @garrywma @Thedigitallife Listen Here (download mp3) –…


Emby for Android 2.3.79 update includes new video player built on LibVLC

The Android version of Emby (FKA Media Browser) has been updated with an all new video player. The new player is based on LibVlc which is the same video engine as VLC which means less server transcoding is needed and playback stability should be improved. Also the in-video menus have…


Kodi 1.05 Isengard released

The Kodi team have made available the release version of Kodi (XBMC) 15.0 Isengard. Version 15 was designed to be a clean-up release but it does have some new features including new chapter selection windows, adaptive seeking, language Add-ons, improved closed captioning on liv TV and this release is now…


Microsoft Lumia 535 review, just another budget Lumia?

Microsoft have more budget phones than I can keep count of (but that could be changing) and the phone I am reviewing is the dual SIM Lumia 535 another budget Lumia. The Lumia 535 is a 5 inch Windows Phone running Windows Phone 8.1 with Lumia Denim, at £99 SIM…


OpenELEC 6.0 Beta 3 released

The OpenELEC team have released the 3rd beta of OpenELEC which is an embedded version of Kodi (XBMC). The biggest change to this release is the inclusion of Kodi 15.0 Isengard Release Candidate 2 (see this post about the RC2 build). Other changes include the latest ffmpeg (2.6), Mesa (10.6),…


Xbox One game streaming to Windows 10 now enabled for all

One of the great features of the new Xbox app on Windows 10 is game streaming to a Windows 10 device. The feature was enabled for Xbox One device on the preview programme and now with the latest Xbox One update all Xbox One owners can play Xbox games on…


Groove for Windows 10 update add a little colour and iTunes playlist support

This morning I woke up to a ton of updates on my Windows 10 PC and phone showing the progress Microsoft are making with Windows 10 as the release day gets ever closer. One that caught my attention is the Groove app, the service formally known as Xbox Music. The…


Plex for Android updated with Material Design and improved MP4 support

Plex have redesigned their Android app following Google’s Material Design guidelines. The pre-play screens have the new look which fits in the Google’s style guidelines other changes include the ability to filter and sort items on an Android TV, there is improved playback of MP4 if you use the experimental…

Video: Hands on with Windows 10 build 10240 on a tablet

Yesterday Microsoft released build 10240 of Windows 10 for Windows Insiders on the fast and slow ring. This build is the RTM build (although not officially announced as that) and as you would expect there are no changes to this release apart from the removal of the build number watermark….

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