Create customised wallpaper for your Microsoft Band with Band Pro

It is great to see developers coming up with apps for the Microsoft Band and there is a new app for customising the wallpaper on your Band. Band Pro is a 99p app from the Windows Phone Store that you can use to layer images and colours to create a…

TP-Link AV500 Powerline WiFi Kit, Ethernet over powerline with Wifi

I have reviewed quite a few sets of powerline network kits over the last few years, the idea behind them is if you can’t run Ethernet between devices these plugs use the power cables in your home to piggyback the network data over. The AV500 kit from TP-Link is the…


Emby (Media Browser) for Kodi beta released

There is a new Emby / Media Browser addin available for Kodi/XBMC. This new addin works with the Kodi on the range of platforms supported by the media center application. It even works on lower spec devices like the Raspberry Pi and FireTV. It has native sorting/deleting and resuming, native view…


Emby (Media Browser) app for Windows 8.1 updated with Cloud and Folder Sync

The Media Browser app for the Windows has been updated, renamed and new features added. Media Browser is now called Emby and the Windows app now has the new Emby Cloud Sync and Folder Sync features. There is also a redesigned movie TV and music views which look great. There…


The Digital Lifestyle Show #494 – Go Go Insider Rangers

Welcome to this week’s podcast where we once again have a packed show. We talk about the new build of Windows 10, Music and OneDrive syncing, Spartan Browser, Windows 10 on phones and the new Intel based Surface 3 announced this week. Subscribe via iTunes Subscribe via RSS , XML…


Microsoft Health app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone now available in the UK

When Microsoft released the Microsoft Band it was US only and Microsoft restricted the apps to the US only devices. You could get round this by switching your Windows Phone to a US region or sideloading the app on Android but this was a real pain. Ahead of the launch…


Surface Pro 3 – The Tablet That Replaces Your Server

Wait! What? Did he say “Server”?! Alright, so perhaps that’s cutting close to click baiting but hopefully you’ll see the funny side. In my original post discussing my reasons for choosing a Surface Pro 3 to replace my laptop I explained that it would need to meet my work needs….


MediaPortal 1.11.0 Final Released

Users of MediaPortal have a new version of the media center system available. Version 1.11.0 final has an improved TV experience with on screen data that shows things like video bitrate, audio channels and other data. There is also improved remote control support. Media Portal has live TV features as…


Use your Microsoft Band to play air guitar

There are some essential apps for the Microsoft Band like Pimp My Band, some useful apps like Band Sensor Monitor and some silly ones like JamBand. JamBand turns your Microsoft Band into an air guitar using the Band’s accelerometer and lets you strum away with either electric or acoustic guitar…


Find you phone using your Microsoft Band with Where’s My Phone

If you have misplaced your phone you can now use your Microsoft Band to locate it. Rather than having to go to a browser and using Find My Phone on WindowsPhone.com (or ask someone to ring it) you can now say “Band Where is my Phone” and it will play…

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