Update on the VLC for Windows Store App project

On the TDL Show a couple of weeks ago we speculated on where the Vidolan team where up to on the Windows Store version of the VLC Player app. The Kickstarter appeal closed at the end of 2012 and late last year we heard that the app failed submission to the store due to an audio issue. Neowin.net have an update from the developers on the current state of the project and some new screenshots. The developers are still working on the app and hope to have the audio issue fixed and submitted sometime next week. Fingers crossed we could see the app released soon after. The example screens look really good and they remind me of the Zune desktop software in some ways.

I can’t wait to get this on my Surface 2, there are a few good video apps in the Windows Store but none offer the flexibility of VLC.

More screenshots over on Neowin.

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