Windows 8.1 Preview now available for UK language installs

Last week Microsoft released Windows 8.1 Preview (see my review) and I was really looking forward to trying it on my Surface RT however the preview wasn’t available for Windows 8 devices with the UK language pack installed. There were a few work-arounds but wait no more as Microsoft have issued a fix to the preview so that it can now be installed on a UK device. TDL Show host Jason Coombes installed Windows 8.1 Preview on his Surface RT tonight and said it installed fine.

I installed Windows 8.1 Preview on my tablet PC and performed a clear install on another machine today and have to say I was impressed with the install process. When I installed it on my 2nd machine today Windows asked me if I wanted to copy my settings from the other machine which I selected and it set up apps so I didn’t even have to log back in to apps like Twitter.



About the author Ian Dixon:
Founder of The Digital and host of The Digital Lifestyle Show. Started podcasting in 2005, Windows Entertainment and Connected Home MVP. Lover of gadgets from the Raspberry Pi to the iPad, Android to Windows 8. Also a massive motor racing fan
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