Camera module coming for the Raspberry Pi


There is a lot of interest in the Raspberry Pi at the moment and it looks like we are going to see a camera module for the Pi soon. On the Raspberry Pi blog they have details of a prototype camera module that plugs into the Raspberry Pi board.

It all adds to a great ecosystem building up around the Pi and I can’t wait to try one.

I was sent this image this morning from Gert (not pictured), Naush (right eye and half-moustache) and JamesH (stripy shirt and chin). It’s not a terribly exciting photo – until you realise that it’s the first picture ever taken from the prototype camera add-on board we’re developing for release later in the year, which will plug into those CSI pins we expose in  the middle of the Raspberry Pi. I will ask Gert, Naush and JamesH, who have been working on this in their free evenings, to answer questions in the comments below – they are also very active on our forums, so please come over and have a chat.