TDL mystery prize giveaway, picture 1


Garry has come up with a great new competition for us with Kingston. We are giving away a mystery prize over the next few days and as Garry said on last weeks podcast it’s a new product from Kingston but thats all I can tell you.

Each day I am going to show a tiny picture of the mystery product and the first person to guess it correctly will get the prize, simple!

UPDATE: I have been overwhelmed with entries so rather than picking the first correct entry I am going to put the correct entries into a list and pick a winner at random

So here is the first picture, good luck!

Tile2 C1 R2

About the author Ian Dixon:
Founder of The Digital and host of The Digital Lifestyle Show. Started podcasting in 2005, Windows Entertainment and Connected Home MVP. Lover of gadgets from the Raspberry Pi to the iPad, Android to Windows 8. Also a massive motor racing fan
  • markgolledge
    Is it a new usb 3.0 reader or the new kingston wi drive?
  • markgolledge
    Or the Kingston hyperx 3000 sata 3 ssd
  • Tony Park
    SSD Drive
  • Antonio Facciponti
    Kingston wii drive
  • Ed R
    Media streamer/STB
  • Paul Williams
    That will be the Kingston Technology DataTraveler HyperX 3.0 Flash drive then 😉
  • John Temperley
    Kingston® HyperX 3K SSDNow 480GB Solid-State Drive
  • Martin
    Is it a DataTraveler Elite 3.0?
  • Martin
    Or perhaps a MobileLite G3 with USB 3.0 Compatibility
  • Schmidty
    Data Traveler Elite 3.0
  • Linda
    I think it’s a wireless Wi-Drive.
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