Review: PressReader for iOS, Newspapers on the iPad

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Recently I have started reading magazines on the iPad, the display makes it a really nice way of consuming the content so the next thing I wanted to try was Newspapers. I have to say I stopped reading Newspapers about 10 years ago as i get my content from the web but having them on the iPad may be different.

There are a few ways of reading Newspapers on the iPad and the app I tried was PressReader, as well as an iPad app there is an app for iPhone and Android. With PressReader you don’t have to purchase Newspaper subscriptions, you can buy an edition at a time and there are subscriptions options too.

PressReader say there are “2,000 full-content newspapers from 95 countries in 51 languages” and browsing through the catalog I found there was a wide selection of Newspapers including most of the major UK papers and local papers as well. You can browse the catalog, pick your paper and then download it, you can have it automatically download new editions and pick whether you want to include the supplements as well. There are also social features, from the app you can share stories via the Facebook/Twitter. You can also print the story and Like or Unlike the story.

Once the paper is downloaded you can browse it in standard newspaper view or you can view the article in a reader view which is actually much easier to read on the iPad than the standard view, but overall browsing the paper is really easy and works well. There is a voice reader option, downloaded papers have a voice icon and the app will read out the stories, which works well. The PressReader app is free and papers costs £0.69 per issue or you can subscribe for £18.95 per month.

Whether the application is enough to make me actually read a Newspaper I am not so sure.


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