First impressions on the new iPad


Sorry but I had to get the post out, my new iPad arrived today so I thought I would post my first impressions. I don’t have an iPad 2 to compare it to so any comparisons I make are with the original iPad.

My first impression is that the weight feels about the same, maybe slightly lighter and it’s a lot thinner than the original. The main change to the new iPad is the display, the retina display is simply fantastic, the text is extremely clear and and browsing web pages is a pleasure. I tried the new version of Real Racing2 HD and I have to say it looks and plays brilliantly, it was much smoother than the old iPad and loads much faster. The other thing I tried was the Kindle app and the text is really clear and I think I am going to be reading more books on the my iPad in the future.

The other change to the iPad is the 5MP camera, it’s a nice camera and while I am not sure I will be holding up my iPad as a camera it’s a nice feature and in combination with iPhone and iMovie could mean that I could I could record and edit videos directly on the iPad and not have to spend ages transferring the videos to a PC to edit.

So after an hour or so I can I am impressed with the new iPad, I am looking forward to seeing more apps take advantage of of the retina display and I think Windows 8 ARM tablets will really have to deliver to compete with the iPad.

The original iPad



The new iPad



Read Racing 2 HD

photo (26)


5 MP Camera

photo (16)


The original and new iPad




The packaging:




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