Raspbmc announced: an XBMC for Raspberry Pi


When I first saw the Raspberry Pi project I knew it would be good for a media centre type solution so I am really pleased to see that there is a new site dedicated to XBMC on the low cost board. www.raspbmc.com is going live soon and will have details of the features of XMBC on the Raspberry Pi and the developers are going to answering questions on there as well.

The site is not live yet but once its online its going to be interesting following the projects progress.

I love some of the features they are planning:


This is one that I am happy to announce. Very soon, you’ll be able to head over towww.raspbmc.com for the RaspberryPi Media Center distribution, which will feature a simple, fast booting and auto updating system with XBMC media center. I’ll be incorporating the following features:

  • Custom Linux distribution with minimalised kernel.

  • Auto-updating

  • UI installers for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X to allow installation onto a removable device

  • PVR / AirTunes / AirPlay / Spotify integration

  • Same stability and support as the Crystalbuntu Linux distribution

  • Expansive capabilities allowing the installation of a desktop and web browser

  • AFP, NFS and SMB file sharing

  • Configuration utility allowing installation of custom nightlies, audio configuration, update management,

  • Server mode – allows MySQL database hosting and Thumbnail sharing for XBMC multiseat systems.

  • 1080p decoding

  • Free!

  • Much more…



via raspberrypi.org


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