SkypeMCEAnswer 0.4 for Windows Media Available


Last month we told you about SkypeMCEAnswer a Skype addin for Windows Media Center that gives you Skype notifications in Windows Media Center. Today the addin has updated that has some nice new features including remote control buttons so you can mute the mic, toggle the camera or hang-up and return to what ever you where watching.

Fixed bugs include:
– 30 second hangup on incoming and outgoing calls fixed (fingers crossed).
– Plugin inactive if Media Center is not in the foreground.
– More reliable window management (skype should maximise correctly).
Feature update – Control the call with your remote:
– Press 1 to Mute/Unmute your microphone.
– Press 2 to Toggle your camera
– Press 3 to hangup and return to mediacenter (and resume your content)
Download the newest version from
While SkypeMCEAnswer works perfectly on my 2 HTPCs, I’m sure it isn’t bug free, please let me know if you have problems!
If new to SkypeMCEAnswer, it is dependent on


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