Review: Airplay for Windows Media Center


A few weeks ago I wrote about an Airplay addin for Windows Media Center that made it possible to send video to Windows Media Center from an iOS device, the addin was a little rough around the edges but it worked.

Now there is a new addin from another developer Thomas Pleasanc. This addin enables Airplay in Windows Media Center and is completely seamless. All you have to do is install the Windows Media Center addin (and Apple’s Bonjour service) and then you get Airplay support in Windows Media Center

So from an iOS device you can send a video directly to Windows Media Center and it will play full screen without shelling out of Media Center. I gave it a try today and found it worked really well, once you have the Windows Media Center addin you can use Airplay with pictures and videos. It also worked with the iPad’s Youtube app.

It’s great way of being able to share videos and pictures from an iOS device to the TV using Media Center. Especially useful if you have some photos on your iPhone and you want to show them off on the TV. I was impressed how quickly video playback started, within seconds of selecting Windows Media Center Airplay option my Media Center PC was playing the video and without leaving Media Center at all.  Music features and not included in this build, that may be coming soon

The addin for Media Center is free and available from the Media Center app store, you can find out more info at

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