Samsung to launch Android Galaxy Player

Just over a week now to CES and it looks like Samsung are going to be announcing an Android based media player aimed to compete with Apple’s iPod touch. The new device will be called the Galaxy Player and will be based on Samsung’s Galaxy S smartphone. It will be running Android 2.2 and include front facing VGA camera, rear camera and will come in 8,16 and 32GB versions.

I found the media experience in Android to be be pretty weak so Samsung are going to have to add their own software to make that side of the OS useable but they do have the experience of the Galaxy Tab(which I have to say I have not been that impressed with but I have only briefly played with it)

Microsoft have of course tried to compete with Apple in the media player market with the Zune range and even though the Zune HD was fantastic it still didn’t take off (mainly through lack of apps and international rollout). I really wish Microsoft would release a new Zune HD based on the Windows Phone 7, it a good way to get people introduced to the platform without having to have the commitment of a phone contract






















via Appleinsider

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