My Movies 3.18 Pre-Release

My Movies for Windows Media Center.pngMy Movies for Windows Media Center, My Movies Collection Management and My Movies for Windows Home Server have been released in new pre release versions.

The pre-release version of My Movies for Windows Media Center adds Media Information from Blu-ray and DVDs and other changes and fixes. Don’t forget its a pre-release and not the final version but you can give it a try from My



My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 3.18 Pre Release 1

Added: Media Information in Windows Media Center
Added: Silent installation. Installation can be started with parameters “/standalone”, “/serverandclient” or “/client”, or, it can be set to “/silent” if the installation is an upgrade.
Added: Option to mark 3D Blu-ray titles
Added: LentTo overlay icon

Change: Update to Dune index to become auto-updating
Change: Larger buttons in add titles dialog to support different languages.
Change: Updated program icon in Media Center to include My Movies product name. The title of the strip is now named to “Movies” and is localizeable.
Change: Relocation of cover and data panels in CM
Change: Loading MediaInfo for image files when using online file
Change: New minimum size of Collection Management

Update: New language icons

Fix: Issue where you could get a message that the system could not contact the server to check points
Fix: Personal titles could get lost over collection upload and download
Fix: Special settings when applying configuration could cause it to not store.
Fix: Import folder status error
Fix: Problem with moving title to different group.

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