Autonomic Mirage Media Server by S1Digital 1TB Cloud Storage Home Control System

Julie Jacobson at CE Pro great article on S1Digital’s new music service solution.  Autonomic Mirage Media Server by S1Digital is built on Autonomic’s Media Control System which according to CE Pro “merges multistream iTunes, Windows Media and Internet radio into a whole-house system that can be controlled by AMX, Crestron, RTI, URC and NuVo keypads and touchscreens.”

The server is a Windows XP Embedded box with 1TB of storage that enables syncing content over the internet, so once connected it will pull down all the users content and make it available to DNLA clients like the Xbox 360. 

It’s not all about media its also a home automation controller and with AMX, Crestron, Home Automation Inc, RTI and URC support and can do neat things like scheduling playback to selected zones.

The unit also works at a home automation control system and can do things like scheduled playback on selected zones.Say you like to listen to Bloomberg radio in the morning. The MMS can be programmed to tune to the Bloomberg Radio Internet station at 6 a.m. on weekdays, and stream the news to your bedroom and bathroom zones. At the same time, the system might message the control system to ramp up the lights and adjust the temperature.


The MMS is strictly for custom installers and retails for $3,995, read Julie’s post for a full run down of the features

UPDATE: Added the correct product name

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