TunerFreeMCE to support MSN Video and work on Extenders

Yesterday I talked about the new MSN Video services in the UK that is streaming classic BBC shows and I said it’s a shame there is no Media Center addin. Well Martin Millmore has confirmed that he is adding MSN Video as a source in TunerFreeMCE and he says as it uses WMV under the covers so will work on Extenders. This will be great if Martin is able to pull it off, the content selection is limited at the moment but more should be added and it will be great to get it working on Extenders.


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  • nunosilva

    I wonder if there’s a ways to make it work with localized versions of MSN video, same interface, different content.

    This would be really cool

  • mmillmor

    Version 3.1.0 of TunerFreeMCE is available at http://www.milliesoft.co.uk/tunerfree.php, adding support for the MSN Video Player content. Go watch Day of the Triffids and Bottom to your hearts content!


  • cw-kid

    Works great they even have great shows like Bottom and The Young Ones! Thanks Martin..

  • Dangelus

    Yep, got it working Martin.

    Many thanks once again!

  • mmillmor

    You might also like the new “Most Watched” item on the MillieSoft home page (http://www.milliesoft.co.uk). It shows the 10 most popular programs with TunerFreeMCE users over the past 7 days. Top Gear always features very highly in the list, but it’ll be interesting to see if any of the content from MSN makes it in to the top 10 given that it’s content is not readily available in other ways.