Mobile Media Center for Windows Mobile

Just as I move away from Windows Mobile to Google Android along comes an application for Windows Mobile that I would like. Mobile Media Center for Windows Mobile enables you to listen to music , watch pictures, play videos and keep up with RSS feeds/podcasts/vodcasts. With the media capabilities been limited in Windows Mobile this makes a good addition to the OS but I don’t think its enough to move me back.

It would be good if the developer could add some syncing integration with Windows Media Center oh and you may recognise the look of the application, it looks familiar to me!

Features, instructions and the free download are on the developers web site


About the author Ian Dixon:
Founder of The Digital and host of The Digital Lifestyle Show. Started podcasting in 2005, Windows Entertainment and Connected Home MVP. Lover of gadgets from the Raspberry Pi to the iPad, Android to Windows 8. Also a massive motor racing fan
  • cw-kid
    Why is it familiar? What is it based on?
  • peterfnet
    Ian’s got me curious too. Just looks like XP media center.


  • Ian Dixon
    yep thats what I was saying, it looks like XP Media Center
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