Hauppauge launch Windows 7 drivers for WinTV

The drivers keep coming for Windows 7 with Nvidia, ATI and now Hauppauge launching Windows 7 specific drivers. I have been testing Hauppauge’s Nova-T 500

on Windows 7 using the Windows Vista drivers and on build 7000 dual tuners didn’t work (later builds have fixed this so I think it was a Windows issue) and I have issues with some DVB-T channels not working at all so hopefully the new Windows 7 drivers will work better.

So far I am not sure what has changed and how much better the performance will be, I am installing them now and lets hope that Channel 4 works this time…

Download from HERE

Thanks to @databasejase for the tip

UPDATE: Channel 4 still not working (and other channels on the same multiplex) but C4 works with a avermedia tuner. Siganl strength 100% so that is not the issue. Maybe a clean build will sort it?

UPDATE2: All working, I split the channels and only used the 100% signal stations for C4 and now it works

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  • TheChief

    Would be keen to see what’s changed, as mine is working fine on 7068 with the old drivers, so Im not sure what i’d gain?

  • Ian Dixon

    I am testing it now and I can’t see any changes

  • kingtone

    Now if they could figure out how we could use the HD PVR as a tuner in 7MC or VMC that would be awesome.

  • vinced

    Testing the drivers on my Windows 7. Will see how it goes.