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I had a great time at CES, it was good to see Windows Media Center looking so well on Windows 7. I have an interesting selection of interviews taken from CES. There is Gordon van Zuiden from Cybermanor, Lenovo talking consumers products, Todd Headrick from the Windows Home Server team, Mike Nash VP for Windows Product Management at Microsoft, Aaron Coldiron from Microsoft and Ben Reed from the Media Center team,

I have email and a round up of news from CES

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Show Times:

01:30 Email: WMA Lossless and PS3
02:48 Updated: Big Screen Installers for Windows 7, Vista + TVPack2008
04:10 Windows Home Server 120-Day Evaluation Edition
04:27 Video: Windows Media Center content sharing in Windows 7
05:20 Toshiba’s prototype Media Center Extender
06:31 Windows Media Center at CES
09:40 Using Touch with Windows Media Center in Windows 7
10:00 Video: GridSearch Demo at CES
10:40 The Digital Party
10:39 How make Windows 7 task bar to look like Vista
11:30 How to enable “Play to” on your Windows 7 machine
11:39 Video: Allio 42-inch HDTV with Integrated PC and Blu-Ray Player
12:10 Video: Vidabox vPad8 Touch Tablet at CES
12:19 Do you have questions for Microsoft about “Play To”…then ask!
12:50 On10 show off Windows Media Center at CES
13:01 Interview: Gordon van Zuiden from Cybermanor
16:00 Using Touch
18:20 Interview: Craig Merrigan from Lenovo
21:05 Consumer focused all in one
22:06 Interview: Todd Headrick from the Windows Home Server Team
24:00 Home Server as a platform
25:48 Where is home server going?
29:56 Interview: Mike Nash VP for Windows Product Management at Microsoft
30:30 What is new in Windows 7
33:10 Windows 7 is optimised for laptops
34:41 Interview: Aaron Coldiron from Microsoft
35:16 Windows Live Essentials
38:00 Windows 7 update
40:00 Faster and lighter
41:23 Ben Reed from the Media Center team
42:00 What is new in Windows Media Center
45:00 Windows Media Center on a netbook
47:00 See you next week

Music by Ian Dixon

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