Windows 7 Beta 1 to arrive January?

Not exactly news I know as Microsoft have been saying all along that Windows 7 beta will be ready early next year, but Ed Bott pins the date down to January 13th. I expect to see Windows 7 beta be shown off at Steve Ballmer’s CES keynote and then the public rollout to come after that. Ed says:

At the Professional Developers Conference in late October, Windows chief Steven Sinofsky announced that Windows 7 Beta 1 would be ready “early next year.” A Microsoft insider has now confirmed the actual date, which is indeed very early next year. In a comment on his blog, Keith Combs has revealed that Windows 7 Beta 1 will be available on or around January 13, 2009.

I can’t wait to get my hands on the beta, the PDC build is very stable but missing a couple of key features. Plus the Media Center build should have a new features in the beta

About the author Ian Dixon:
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  • peterfnet
    Can’t wait! Great way to start the new year
  • Anonymous
    Role on windows 7. I’m really looking forward to it, very sad!
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