Details of Windows Media Center in the PDC Build of Windows 7

Charlie Owen has the best look at the new build of Windows Media Center in Windows 7. Charlie has posted details of the pre-beta build of Windows Media Center and included some detailed screenshots. It looks like for the first time since Vista Windows Media Center is going to get some visual changes!

  • The Start Menu gets a slight update, I have seen this in action a few weeks ago and it’s not a massive change but it does look better and it remembers where you were last
  • The now playing thumbnail is bigger
  • Music performance improvements
  • Much better details view and improved now playing
  • Improved Ratings
  • Turbo Scroll, this is something that you have to see in action to get and if you have large libraries you will love this!
  • Improved Picture library including new slideshows, and Shared Libraries
  • TV Feature Pack is including in Windows 7!
  • New clickable seek bar in TV and videos
  • Online Media replaced with “Extras”
  • New text entry screen
  • New gadgets for the sidebar

Charlie has a real details look at the features and some great screen shots, and the great news is that I will be talking to Charlie about the new version of Windows Media Center on the [tmcs] very soon

I recommend all Media Center users read Charlie’s post

Start Menu

Music Details

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