The Media Center Show No.174 – Open Media Library

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This week I am talking David Shulitz a developer working on the Open Media Library project. OML is a open source movie browser applications for Vista Media Center, it’s a great looking application that adds some great functionality to Media Center (download from HERE) . I also have email and a round up of the weeks news.

I am looking for community submitted reviews of Media Center addins if you would like to review an application please email me ian [at]

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This show is sponsored by mControl – Home Automation for Vista Media Center

Show Times:

00:50 Coming up this week
01:20 Email – Divx crashes Windows Media Center
02:27 Chris Lanier – Microsoft Taking Media Center to Headless Appliances?
03:36 Ed Bott:TV Pack headaches reveal Microsoft’s Media Center dilemma
04:28 Media Center and the Installer Channel
05:28 Remember the last Windows Media Center CE Box
06:14 My Drinks for Windows Media Center
07:14 Is this why H.264 got removed from TV Pack?
08:15 I want your addin reviews
09:21 Welcome to David Shulitz
10:30 What is Open Media Library
12:40 How it got started
14:14 How it works
14:51 Metadata
16:41 Working with Windows Home Server
19:00 Data Provider
21:28 Working with Media Center Extenders
24:48 File types
31:17 Why open source?
38:33 Source code page, forums
41:03 64bit versions
41:55 Thanks to David
42:00 See you next week

mControl for Windows Media Center

Music by Ian Dixon

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