Windows 7 pre-beta to be given out at PDC

I wish I could have made it over to the PDC this year as it looks like it will be the first public airing for Windows 7 . Attendee’s will be given a pre-beta copy of Windows 7 and I expect a lot of Windows 7 features will be talked about at the show. I am also looking forward to hearing about Live Mesh as I think that is going to be a very interesting platform for developers and end users.

It will be interesting to see which build of Windows Media Center will be in the beta, it may not be in the build at all. Early builds of Vista didn’t have the Media Center components enabled so that could be the case this time or it could have the TV Feature Pack build, maybe even the next version of Media Center! We will have to wait till October 27th to find out.

About the author Ian Dixon:
Founder of The Digital and host of The Digital Lifestyle Show. Started podcasting in 2005, Windows Entertainment and Connected Home MVP. Lover of gadgets from the Raspberry Pi to the iPad, Android to Windows 8. Also a massive motor racing fan
  • Athursby
    Do you know if there will be a way to get the pre-beta if you’re not attending?
  • Ian Dixon
    i don’t think so, we will have to wait till later in the year
  • Anonymous
    You could torrent it, thats how i got build 6956.
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