Windows Home Server Advanced Edition?

As the Windows Home Server team look at planning future versions Todd Headrick (Windows Home Server Product Planner) on the Home Server Blog ask if there were two version of Windows Home Server basic and advanced what would be the user limits be on each edition? At the moment there is a 10 user limit on Windows Home Server and it looks like the team are investigating raising the limits.

So, now we are back in the product planning phase and culling through all of these suggestions.  What if we had 2 versions of Windows Home Server – one for the "basic" household and one for the more "advanced" household.  What should we think about using as limits for the number of users and computers for a "basic" version and for an "advanced" version?

This is the first time there has been talk of additional versions of Windows Home Server and as Terry Walsh says on WGS there is plenty of scope for a advanced version of WHS having improved Media Center integration, something we all want.

An advanced version of Windows Home Sever with better Media Center integration and services would be great and then the basic version price could be closer to the NAS prices.

Ian Dixon

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