The Media Center Show No.169 – Ed Bott on TV Feature Pack

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Last week Microsoft released details on the Windows Media Center TV Feature Pack (the update formally known as Fiji) and that provoked a passionate debate around the limited (OEM only) availability of the update. So to get a expert view on the subject I chatted with Windows expert Ed Bott. We streamed the show live and had some great questions and opinions in the chat room. Ed has some interesting thoughts on the update and is always great to interview. I also have email, news items and a chance to win a copy of Kaspersky anti-virus 2009

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This show is sponsored by mControl – Home Automation for Vista Media Center

Show Times

00:50 Coming up this week
02:00 Email – ISOs on Windows Media Center, DVD streaming guide
04:45 Email – Why no divx in Media Center on the Xbox 360?
06:00 Email – TVTonic goes 64bit, does 64 bit matter?
07:31 Email – Feedback on show 167
08:14 Email – Media Center in the news
09:00 Microsoft post details on the Windows Media Center TV Pack
09:49 Video: A closer look at HP’’s TouchSmart UI
10:44 First “How To” Video: How to get digital TV on Windows Media Center
12:15 Welcome to Ed Bott
12:44 Fii becomes Windows Media Center TV Feature Pack 2008
15:44 When did the fiji name first surface
19:18 What is in the feature pack – EngadgetHD:Hands-on with the Vista Media Center TV Pack , Microsoft’s post
27:00 Why is it OEM only?
30:16 CableCARD issues
31:58 Issues with the TV Pack
33:50 Vista perception issues
38:40 Can the new TV features sell Media Center?
39:50 Has breaking the yearly release cycle caused these issues?
42:17 Waiting for Windows 7
43:19 Ed thinks Windows 7 will be coming soon
47:55 Where is the H.264 support?
53:10 Freesat and Windows Media Center
58:60 How can Microsoft put out the fire?
01:05:00 Why should enthusiasts continue with Media Center?
01:09:30 Windows 7 needs to be right
01:10:12 Media Center is an special part of Windows
01:11:31 Links to Ed’s post on the TV feature pack
01:12:24 Win a copy of of Kaspersky 2009

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Music by Ian Dixon

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