New Media Center addons for music, Bittorrent and cars

Chris Lanier posted about a new addin for Media Center called Music Browser Plugin, this application adds folder based navigation of music meaning you don’t have to have the music tagged up with the correct ID3 tags to get a good music experience. I remember being impressed with Microsoft’s Z sample app which had this amongst the rest of its features so its good to see an application dedicated for this way of browsing music. Checkout the screen shots and details on this thread on TheGreenButton.

While I was looking around the 3rd Party apps forum I found some other interesting applications:

tvitty v0.9.1 (alpha) is a bittorrent add-in that is used to distribute video content. You can browse and search for titles published from tvitty and configure your own feeds. The application is pre-configured with RSS feeds for public domain content and you can add your own RSS feeds. If your a bittorrent user then this looks like a good application for you plus I really like the UI theme they have developed.

New Rides MCML Version (Update 7-27-08) is an addon for Media Center that enabled you to view information on the latest automotive manufactures. You can check out different makes, models, series and engine specs, you can also look at the price of the vehicle. This must be the first car application for Media Center that I have seen and as with the other application from looks great.

Its nice to see new applications being developed for Media Center, so when can I have a Formula One addin?


Music Browser Addin UI


tvitty UI





New Rides for MCE UI

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