Tweak Vista Media Center with Tweak MC

Remember TweakMCE for XP Media Center? Wondered where the Vista equivalent is? Wonder no more as Microsoft have released TweakMC for Vista Media Center (what took you so long guys!)

The new application is available on MSDN is also available in source code as a C# project, I always find it fascinating looking through other peoples code

Tweak MC enables you to tweak things like Overscan adjustments, screen resolution, toolbar settings, enable DVD Library and other DVD functions. There is a comprehensive TV section for adjusting settings like skip intervals, watched and storage locations, pre and post recording times and seek bar display settings.  You can also do handy things like Enabling Universal Remote Control and setting the Remote Control ID

The application is a kind of pseudo Media Center UI that while not polished is much better than hacking the registry

Thanks to Chris for the tip


Ian Dixon

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