HP Connecting Your World Keynote from Berlin

Lots going on but not much time to write about it. Today I watched the HP keynote that opened HP’s "Connecting Your World" event, the keynote was IMG_0700 presented by German broadcaster Cherno Jobatey and with execs from HP such as Todd Bradley

IMG_0712They are launching a whole range of products including 10 notebooks aimed at businesses and 6 aimed at consumers. The most exciting product seems to by the new HP TouchSmart system. This is a beautiful all in one design with HP’s own developed touch software that sits on top of Windows and looks very innovative, it’s total designed for touch and you can swipe to scroll through photos, make play lists and navigate the whole system. To me this looks a much more impressive you of touch than the Windows 7 demos. I hope to get more information on this later.

HP’s shows off a new range of notebooks and the Elite looks like it is aimed at executives and has a very nice design as does the consumer focused DV4


HP have also launched a new Voodoo notebook that looked incredibly thin made out of carbon fibre, I will try and get some more details on that later.

Later I will post some pictures and videos



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