iPlayer MCE – BBC iPlayer on Windows Media Center

I have been using the iPlayer from the BBC for a while now by setting Media Center to watch the download folder so I could watch the content on Media Center but there was no way to navigate the iPlayer from Windows Media Center. Martin Millmore emailed me to let me know he had got fed up waiting for the BBC to bring an iPlayer UI to Media Center and decided to write his own application (this is the power of Windows Media Center, having an SDK).

The addin is a MCML Vista Media Center application and enabled you to browse iPlayer content directly from Media Center and then start playback. Martin is having issues getting the content to play with out using the mouse and is asking for some help:

also have a major issue with this – when you select a program, there doesn’t seem to be any way to start it off playing or to go to full screen with the remote. You have to switch to the mouse at that point. That doesn’t prove to be much of a chore if you have a wireless mouse. If anyone knows the javascript events to get the flash player to do these things, I would really love to know (martin@ this site).

The other thing I would like to do is to implement a busy spinning icon when it is querying up a new channel or day or category, but I don’t know how to do that. If anyone has an mcml sample for that, let me know please.

I have had a quick play and it seems to work well, you can browse the content, search and look at channels. The mouse issue is a problem but I am sure it can be worked out, it looks like a good start, well done Martin

iPlayer MCE

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