MyNetflix v2.1 Beta

Anthony Park has updated MyNetflix with a new public beta, this adds WatchNow in full screen and a number of bug fixes. Head over to Anthony’s blog for more details and a download

I have completed development on the next version of MyNetflix (v2.1). This new version has been in private beta for about a week, and now it is ready for public beta. One of the features you will probably be most interested in is the ability to play WatchNow movies in full screen, and use the remote control for pause/resume commands.

Changes since version 2.0 beta

  • Enhanced the “Watch Now” feature to play the media in full screen mode
  • Added support for pause/play remote control buttons during “Watch Now” playback
  • Added a “select episode” screen when selecting “Watch Now” on a TV series
  • Redesigned gallery and movie details UI to remove dependency on third-party libraries (modified license agreement and about screen to reflect these changes)
  • Added a busy indicator while looking up data
  • Added new category – “Watch now in queue”
  • Removed numbers from movie descriptions in the gallery
  • Changed movie ratings to graphical stars on Movie Details screen
  • Changed to navigate back to queue after adding, removing, or moving an item to the top of the queue
  • Added the movie caption to the gallery thumbnails while images are loading. If an image cannot be loaded, a “broken image” graphic displays, as well as the title of the movie.
  • Added the ability to reorder categories, hide categories, and hide genres

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