Clearing up the confusion on Samsung’s new Extender


There seems to be some confusion over Samsung’s new Media Center Extender and what TV’s it will work with, on the Microsoft and Samsung’s stand they were not 100% clear. This morning I interviewed Hakan Olsson from the eHome team at Microsoft and he cleared up the issues for me. The new Extenders are designed to work out with the latest range of Samsung TVs and to be mounted behind the TV and do not require line of site IR. They instead use a new HDMI control protocol for the TV to talk to the Extender, you use the remote that comes with the Extender and the TV picks up the signal and can control the TV. The remote is very neat too

So think if it as an addon Module for the TV and not a standalone Extender, at $199 is not a bad price if you pickup one when you shell out for a new TV 

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