The Media Center Show No.120 – Andrew Cherry

By Ian Dixon (16.9mb 49mins 02sec)  – Out a day early as I am working away

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On this week show is Microsoft MVP and Media Center developer Andrew Cherry. Andrew made the trip to my office in Manchester and we talked about his new application “TV Library” (download a free beta), an application that expands the TV library functions of Media Center. We also talked about developing for Windows Media Center and contributing to the MediaCenterSandbox forum. I have email in to the show and news items.

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Show Times:

00:50 Coming up this week
01:50 Email – Update on last weeks email
03:29 Email – Tell us your OEM experience
04:12 Email – Audio output and Extenders
08:05 My Video review of Sony’s UX1 UMPC, more videos coming soon
09:17 My thoughts on Blu-ray v HD-DVD
11:04 S1Digital offer CABLEcard
11:43 Updated TV Toolbox
12:00 Windows Home Server Blog, re-sizing partitions
13:05 One Voice: Media Center CommunicatorDownload a free trial
14:22 Welcome to Andrew
14:58 Getting in to Media Center development
18:54 Media Center box selling
19:00 MoreTV
22:41 What is “TV Library”
26:00 Creating your own meta data
28:12 Viewing Recorded TV
29:54 Recorded TV Manager, DVRMStoolbox
32:00 Developing Media Center applications
34:00 Branding v looking like a Windows Media Center
38:29 Selling applications
38:55 Beta Download, forum links
46:00 The show will be taking a week off, back September 6th!

Music by Ian Dixon

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