The Media Center Show No.108 – Andrew Van Til

By Ian Dixon (29.9mb 60mins 42sec)

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This week developer Andrew Van Til joins me to talk about his Windows Media Center utilities, one of them DVRMSToolbox is a Media Center Award Show winner, and is a great tool for processing recorded TV files. We will be talking about ad skipping, tuner sharing and his other Media Center applications

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Show Times:

00:50 Coming up this week
01:48 Email – Media library problems
03:34 Win mcePhone
03:51 Email – Xbox 360 Extender in 50hz mode?
05:57 Webguide Updated more details on Missing Remote
06:48 Big Screen Photos V2, pics on my blog and more info on the Big Screen Blog
07:41 Spring Update for the Xbox 360 – boot in to Media Center mode
09:16 Controlling Windows Media Center with Windows Mobile 5.0
10:49 mControl for Windows Home Server
11:58 My Blog
12:14 Win my book "Using Microsoft Windows Vista Media Center" plus a goodies pack!
13:22 A Message from One Voice
14:37 Welcome to Andrew Van Til
15:12 Getting in to Media Center
16:20 Starting Media Center development
18:00 Development challenges
20:00 DVRMS Toolbox
22:50 Sharing Recorded TV
22:50 FFDShow
26:50 Copying TV to a Windows Mobile device
27:48 Converting to audio
28:49 Auto Commercial Skipping
38:56 Media Center Recording Broker – let Media Center PCs pool their tuners
49:35 LCD Writer application
52:50 YAC – Caller ID addin
55:21 Media bookmark
56:08 Andrews Web Site, Forums
57:00 See you next week

Music by Ian Dixon

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